IVR Solutions

IVR Solutions

Take control of all your inbound calls with the power of an IVR to give your customers the best level of service. Also should the worst ever happen, you can re-route your calls to any destination so that your customers can always get through, without any adverse effects to your service.

Ideal if...
You have busy departments and need to free up your staff.
You have multiple locations and need incoming calls to be directed quickly and seamlessly.
You need a low cost, easy to set up solution to help reduce overheads.
You want calls to be answered in a professional manner every time.
You need to ensure that no incoming calls are lost.
You need to maximise sales whilst managing customer enquiries.

Professional: fast, efficient call answering and customised brand messages provide a professional image for your company.

Control: with internet access, you’ll have full control over incoming calls, from any location, even outside of office hours.

Responsive: online management means you can instantly adapt your system to suit any changes in your business operations.

Secure: password protected access to web and telephone interfaces ensures your calls are managed in a secure environment.

Save money: no additional hardware costs, no integration and no maintenance. Plus, there’s no extra cost for specialist technicians.

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