Network Call Recording

Network Call Recording

If you are making contact with your customers over the phone, a call recording on which you can rely is invaluable whether it is to help keep you compliant or simply for training and quality control purposes.

Ideal if...
You want instant access to call recordings direct from your web browser.
You work across multiple sites and/or have home workers.
You need to handle thousands of simultaneously recorded calls.
You need to meet stringent compliance and quality control standards. For example, those of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Storage: recordings are stored within our network, so there’s no need for huge data storage facilities. You can keep recordings for a pre-defined period of time or indefinitely.

Access: retrieve recordings online. Playback on your PC, download for archiving, and send as email attachments.

Security: recorded data is automatically backed up within our network and held at multiple locations.

Save money: no capital outlay for expensive hardware. No upgrade or maintenance costs. No fees for retrieving calls.

Scalable: from 1 to 100,000 lines across multiple sites, at no additional cost.

Simple: fast implementation and an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Network ACD

The professional management of inbound calls is a must for customer-facing organisations, helping you handle calls both in and out of normal business hours and maintain a professional, efficient service.

Ideal if...
You have a busy reception and call centres.
You receive large volumes of inbound calls.
You experience regular peaks in your inbound traffic or suffer from downtime and lost calls.
You want to enhance your brand reputation with a better call queuing experience.
You want to provide tailored messages where queuing is unavoidable.

Responsive: online reporting means you can respond to business changes instantly. All functions are configurable, allowing you to control incoming calls, messages and diverting options.

Save money: eliminate high set up costs by using our network. No additional hardware or integration means no maintenance issues. Queuing calls in our network also removes the strain on your telecoms infrastructure.

Professional: on hold music, messages and information will help to create the right company image, and leverage sales.

Simple: manage your calls from any location with internet access.

Secure: access everything within a secure, password protected online portal.

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